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Production method of acrylic display frame


Production method of acrylic display frame

I am from Guangdong Dongguan Youlian Display Technology Co., LTD., Let me introduce to you, acrylic display frame production methods have the following several

Acrylic display frame processing effect and acrylic plate, color, quality have a great relationship, so in order to make the processing effect is better, then it is necessary to control the processing method used properly, and just right.

1.Hot pressing method: how to make acrylic hot pressing method to make the acrylic display frame has a full, smooth curve, three-dimensional strong and other effects?-- The hot pressing molds are first made according to the drawings, molded from wood or clay, and then cast lead or gypsum for the Yin and Yang molds.After heating the acrylic plate, hot pressing in the mold.

2.Mosaic method: this way of processing to show the shelf convenient transportation, customers can be assembled by themselves, its processing to achieve strong color, with a seamless effect is better quality acrylic display shelf.So how do you do that?-- According to the design drawing, laser cutting machine is used to cut different colors of sheet type acrylic into the required geometric figures, and then inlay and splice it on the bottom plate.Heat simmer method: how to use this kind of production method to make acrylic show frame to achieve line bold and unrestrained, image contracted effect?- Heat the acrylic and make it into the shape by hand quickly.This method requires an experienced and agile master to do it.

3.Paste method: after cutting acrylic into a certain shape, paste it on the plane.Both cutting and paste have high technical requirements.

The product should not only have excellent quality, but also keep up with the times' aesthetics and be full of fashion sense. The production methods of acrylic display shelf introduced above are used alternately, which not only has rich artistic aesthetic feeling, but also shows the advantages of the product perfectly, which deeply attracts the eyes of consumers and makes the product more high-end.

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