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Rotatable tie racks belt racks scarf floor display rack

Company News2020-12-29

                                               Rotatable tie racks belt racks scarf floor display rack 

Analysis of the three factors for the yellowing of the lacquer display rack, the display rack has now become one of the items we can often see in our life, so in the process of our use, the counter will change with the growth of time, so what is the reason for the discoloration of the counter? Let's take a specific look.

Rotatable tie racks belt racks scarf floor display rack

1. The quality of the paint itself

Due to the good color degree of lacquer display rack, it can improve the level of commercial places, so we can see in all kinds of commercial places that lacquer display rack has become a common commercial display rack. The yellowing of lacquer display is a gradual process. Generally speaking, the white paint is more obvious than other colors. Although there will be some yellowing at the lacquer counter, customers are still loyal to the lacquer display. Because the gloss and brightness of baking varnish are very different,

The paint material itself will be affected by the chemical substances to oxidize and turn yellow. Generally, poor quality paint has more oxidation components and turns yellow quickly. If you choose high-quality paint with high oxidation resistance, it turns yellow slowly.

2. When there is dust on the paint surface, it is often wiped with water or affected by alkalinity

The surface of baking paint is often wiped with water, which is affected by alkaline substances and absorbs heat. These will make the surface of baking paint yellow, so we should regularly maintain our baking paint counter to avoid direct sunlight, waterproof and moisture-proof.
3. Causes of curing agent

There is a free component in the curing agent, but once this component reacts with the ultraviolet light in the light, it will turn the paint counter yellow. For example, some businesses put the paint baking counter outdoors to carry out activities. If the sunlight is directly on the counter, the paint on the surface will be easy to oxidize and turn yellow. The more free ingredients are, the faster the paint will turn yellow. Therefore, the outdoor counters are generally yellowing resistant paint with guaranteed quality, but they can't often be exposed to the sun outside.

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