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How to design shoe display cabinet to improve sales!


How to design shoe display cabinet to improve sales! Due to the small size of shoes, it is more difficult to attract people's attention than clothes and textiles. In order to attract the attention of customers, fashion personality shoes display cabinet is particularly important. How to design a fashionable and sexy shoe display cabinet? 1. lighting plays a key role in the decoration of shoe stores. The same pair of shoes lighting and non lighting have different display effects. For example, some pictures of high-grade women shoes displayed in a single piece must be set off with spotlights. The color of the light should be appropriate. The blue light gives people a cold, cold and illusory feeling (selling sandals and slippers), yellow lights, and the shoes display cabinet gives people a warm feeling (selling autumn shoes and winter shoes). 2. the color of shoe display cabinet and decoration color of the shop should be harmonious. The color of the display cabinet is integrated with the decoration color of the shop. It can be seen at a glance that the main color of the store. Before the decoration of the shoe shop, let the exhibition cabinet factory design the effect picture of the shoe store display cabinet, but it is not recommended that the shoes and decoration colors be completely consistent, which will make the shoe store display cabinet store appear very boring and antique, and some parts should be compared and comply with the overall. 3. The style of the shoe display cabinet should be more novel, not too outdated. Before decoration, it's better to find a professional display cabinet manufacturer to communicate with you and refer to the design renderings. Display cabinet is a professional enterprise engaged in the design, production and after-sales service of display products. It has been committed to the research and development of business space and brand image of clothing, cosmetics, shoes and leather goods, focusing on the creation of store atmosphere, the establishment of design trend and brand image. That's all for the introduction that the design of shoe display cabinet can effectively improve the sales volume. Youlian Display Technology Co., Ltd. is looking forward to cooperating with you.

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